American Sikh PAC Declines Meeting with Indian Consul General of San Francisco

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh,

We are writing this letter to keep the Sangat informed of recent political developments.

After the California Assembly and Senate passed Assembly Concurrent Resolution 34 (ACR 34, regarding the culpability of the Government of India in the 1984 Genocide of Sikhs), American Sikh PAC was contacted by the Indian Consulate General of San Francisco. The Consul General was interested in discussing ACR 34 and determining our future plans.

We declined the meeting with the Consul General because our demands are non-negotiable. The position of the Sangat has never changed; the Government of India should make the following simple statements describing the truth regarding the events of November 1984:

  1. The Indian government and law enforcement officials organized, participated in, and failed to intervene to prevent the rape, torture and murder of thousands of Sikhs across India in November 1984.
  2. The actions of the Indian government constituted a genocide through intentional murder and intentional destruction of Sikh families, communities, homes, and businesses.
  3. The vast majority of those responsible, including governmental officials and law enforcement, have never been prosecuted for their crimes.

We have made our position clear in the response letter to the Consul General which is shared with the Sangat at Once the Government of India accepts the truth, then it will be up to a coalition of Sikh religious organizations, international human rights groups and Sikh community organizations to address prosecution of those responsible, reparation and reconciliation. For now, we will continue our nationwide campaign to make the truth known and place pressure on the Government of India to admit its responsibility for the genocide of Sikhs.

We thank the Sangat for their support in this campaign and encourage you all to keep up the pressure.  It has only been with your efforts that this significant step forward has been possible. With your blessing, we will keep pushing forward regarding the 1984 Genocide and also our efforts to enact local legislation and support American candidates that are beneficial for the Sikh Community.  It is only by fully participating in American civic life that we will achieve our goals here and abroad.

Please share this email with your friends and family.

Thank you to all.  Chardi Kala.

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