Elected Officials and Community Leaders Sign Letter of Solidarity re 1984 Genocide

In a groundbreaking effort, a diverse group of elected officials and community leaders from the Sacramento region has signed a letter of solidarity acknowledging the responsibility of the Indian government in the November 1984 genocide of Sikhs. Signatories include Senator Darrell Steinberg, Asssemblymember Mariko Yamada and Assemblymember Roger Dickinson along with representatives from the Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Sikh and Asian Pacific American Communities. The letter is available for review at this link: Letter of Solidarity in Remembrance of the 1984 Sikh Genocide.

This letter comes on the heels of strong work by the American Sikh Committee to Evaluate Congressional Candidates in evaluating congressional candidates across Northern California. Sacramento area congressional representatives Matsui, Garamendi and McNerney acknowledged the Indian government’s role along with many other elected representatives and candidates.  Additional information is available at www.americansikhcommittee.org

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